Aravinda Shetty, DDS

Aravinda Shetty, DDS in Yorba Linda

Background and Credentials

Dr. Shetty received his dental degree from the Government Dental College — Bangalore in 1974. He was a top ranked student and one of the youngest dental graduates in his class. In the years following his graduation, he worked as a staff dental surgeon in a private ENT surgical center, while establishing his own private practice in Bangalore. After several years, he ventured to the United States, where he has been in private practice since 1980.

In his clinical practice, he has operated and managed general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and orthodontists, while also training many junior dentists. He currently consults for several dental practices, where he provides advanced planning and delivery on many complex cases. In his more than 40 years of clinical experience, he has practiced in all dental specialties including, aesthetic and implant dentistry, surgical endodontics, oral surgery procedures, orthopedic gnathology and occlusal rehabilitation. In his free time, Dr. Shetty likes to keep up to date on the current trends in implantology, tissue culture and 3D visualization of diagnostic images.

Outside of his clinical practice, Dr. Shetty has consulted for and was a part of the City of Hope Head and Neck Oncology team. He has also been an active member and fellow of the American Institute of Oral Biology (AIOB), where he has previously held the position of Chair of the Advisory Board. Through his participation with the AIOB, he was fortunate enough to gain knowledge of the first hand research work done by various medical researchers and clinicians who are pioneers in their fields: Nobel Laureate Aurther Kroneberg, MD, (enzymatic biosynthesis of the nucleic acid) and Stanley Pruisner, MD, (prion research), and clinicians such as Marshall Urist, MD, (bone morphogenic protein) and Charles Vancanti, MD, (tissue engineering), just name a few.